Peer Review Workshop #3

Workshop 3


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Hands-On: Finish the Learning Experience Outline (LEO)

  • Revise and/or complete any remaining sections of the LEO
  • Review and complete the Reflection (Section 8)
  • Assess student work and make final comments based on the rubrics
  • Digitize and integrate any handouts or student work samples into the LEO (make sure all pages in the LEO are numbered)

III. Discuss The Statewide Peer Review Process (from NYSATL website)

Other Resources:

Principles for Looking At Student Work:

Pocket Guide to Probing Questions:

IV. Conduct the Local Peer Review

V. Concluding Duties:

  • Make any revisions to your Learning Experience Outline
  • Review the submission guidelines and submit the revised Learning Experience Outline to the Grant Director

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