Peer Review Workshop #1

Workshop 1


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Overview of the Learning Technology Grant and the Peer Review Process

Goals of the Learning Technology Grant:

1. Increase the use of learning technology to improve student academic performance in relation to the New York State learning standards, process and content strands, key ideas and performance indicators in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

2. Provide high quality professional development focused on increasing a teacher's knowledge and skills in the use of learning technology.

3. Provide ongoing support for students to become technologically literate by 8th grade.

Statewide Peer Review:

New York State Academy for Teaching and Learning (NYSATL)

Statewide Peer Review booklet:

III. Overview of the Learning Experience Outline (LEO)

- What is it?
- Requirements and Expectations:

  • Standards-based lessons
  • Rubrics and other assessments
  • Evidence of technology integration
  • Student Work assessed with comments based on the rubrics

Other Resources:

Learning Experience Outline: (in MS Word format) (in .pdf format)

IV. Reviewing Learning Experience Outlines online!

- View an examplary ELA sample online:
- View an examplary Math sample online:
- View other LEO samples online:

V. Brainstorming ideas for Classroom-based Projects


  • Review the abstract from the grant
  • Find natural links between grade levels and the public/private partnership
  • Discuss what is feasible given the current timeframe
  • Think about doing a short unit and using it as a building block for next year
  • Consider your access to technology
  • Make sure you are not writing your own LEO - find a partner!

VI. Developing Section 1 – The Learning Context

  • a brief statement of the purpose, objective, or focus of the learning experience;
  • the entire wording of the learning standard(s) and the specific performance indicator(s) being assessed;
    • NY Learns:
    • Tip: Highlight and copy the selected Standards, Key Ideas, and Performance Indicators into notepad (PC) or simpletext (Mac). Then paste the information into MS Word. This will make the text much easier to format in your Word document.
    • Download the NY State Learning Standards (click here)

  • a description of how the learning experience addresses an existing New York State core curriculum; and
  • a discussion of what students need to know and/or be able to do to succeed with this learning experience

VII. Building Section 4 - The Procedure – Why are we doing this before Sections 2 and 3?

VIII. Meeting wrap up/next meeting

>> Click here to take the workshop evaluation

Prior to Next Time:

  • Locate and make a copy of any rubrics that you presently use that you think would fit well with this project
  • Update the Procedure section (Section 4) and bring any handouts you have created so far
  • Create folders containing photocopies of student work samples (electronic samples are fine as well)

For Next Time:

  • Bring all of the above items to Workshop #2

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