Peer Review Workshop #3

Workshop 3


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Continue creating rubrics and other assessments

III. Tackling Sections 4 - 7

Compare and evaluate the various sections below.

Section 4: Procedure

Chocolate Fever example:

Wildflowers example:

Stock Market Project example:

Section 5: Resources

Day and Night example:

We Didn't Start The Fire example:

Section 6: Instructional/Environmental Modifications

Cooperative Reading and Translating example:

Panama, the Kuna Indians and Their Molas example:

Links for further study:

Online Resources for ESL students:

Ed By Learning Disabilities page:

Download a list of modifications you can make by clicking here.

Section 7: Time Required

Roman Coins example:

Advertising and Healthy Decisions example:

IV. Meeting wrap up/next meeting

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