Peer Review Workshop #2

Workshop 2

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Reviewing and completing Section 1 (begun during workshop 1) – The Learning Context

  • a brief statement of the purpose, objective, or focus of the learning experience;
  • the entire wording of the learning standard(s) and the specific performance indicator(s) being assessed;
    • NY Learns:
    • Tip: Highlight and copy the selected Standards, Key Ideas, and Performance Indicators into notepad (PC) or simpletext (Mac). Then paste the information into MS Word. This will make the text much easier to format in your Word document.
    • Download the NY State Learning Standards (click here)

  • a description of how the learning experience addresses an existing New York State core curriculum; and
  • a discussion of what students need to know and/or be able to do to succeed with this learning experience

III. Building Section 4 - The Procedure – Shouldn’t we do this before Sections 2 and 3?

IV. Aligning the Assessment Plan (Section 2) and Student Work (Section 3) sections

Tips for Collecting Student Work Samples:

V. Begin Designing Rubrics and other assessments (if time)

Kathy Schrock’s Rubrics Site:
One of the best websites out there for finding rubrics for your classroom

- This site has a collection of pre-made rubrics that can be quickly and easily generated

- This site offers more flexibility for educators interested in developing their own rubrics Project checklists:

VI. Meeting wrap up/next meeting

>> Click here to take the workshop evaluation

Prior to Next Time:

  • Comment on the student work using the rubrics created today
  • Scan as much of the student work that has been commented on so far
  • Wrap up the project and celebrate student learning
  • Collect all student permission slips

For Next Time:

  • Bring paper and digital copies of student work
  • Bring copies of any handouts you have used for the project

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