Peer Review Workshop Series


Statewide Peer Review is a program created by the New York State Department of Education that helps teachers document, assess, and discuss the work they complete as part of the New York State Learning Technology Grant. New York State encourages use of its Statewide Peer Review process to assist teachers in changing classroom practice to help students reach higher levels of achievement in relation to the learning standards. (

  Teaching Matters supports and informs participating teachers as they integrate technology into their curriculum and helps them reflect on the ways that technology can enhance learning and student performance. Teachers from public schools and their non-public school partners meet in several workshops to collaborate in creating a "Learning Experience Outline", an extended unit plan that addresses NY State Learning Standards and includes corresponding rubrics and examples of student work.  At the final stages of this one to two month process, selected teachers present their Learning Experience to a panel of colleagues who provide valuable feedback.

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